Using Fake AI Personalities For Work

Using Fake AI Personalities For Work

Such a fascinating read this was as apparently the publication Sports illustrated was in a sense caught having fake AI article writing personalities where on a surface level they appeared to be real journalists with a picture and background information. The company responded by being shocked at the discovery and was seeking for answers by the looks of it.

This is going to be very common and one of my friend was telling me how so many sites already use AI generated news articles. I was shocked as a lot of them were from rather big publications as well. It’s one thing to have the article auto generated. But when you start faking profiles and passing off say editors and journalists as real people that opens up a huge can of worms for a business.

It honestly makes me wonder if some companies are doing that because if they are the service provider in writing articles as an example and they say it is AI generated then perhaps people will value it less. Who would pay a human salary to write an article if you knew it was simply generated in a second by a generic AI program right? From that point of view I can see this being a big problem for companies that often outsource these types of work.

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