Only Using The Best Offers
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Only Using The Best Offers

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The other day I got a coupon for a store where if you spend $150 you would get $15 back which essentially makes it a 10% savings. While that is okay, often times I receive coupons from the company where I would get $10 back for spending $50. That is a 20% savings. What I would notice with this company is that if I started to use coupons that were good they would slowly give me offers that are not as good. So to me it seems like they are testing what is the minimum they can give me to get me to go to the store. If I don’t take the not as good offers then it consistently seems like they give me the better ones again.

I find this to especially be very true with offers that are tied to your account. Many times companies would just mass e-mail everyone as an example with the same generic offer. But often times I noticed there are plenty of companies that try to offer specific deals to select groups of people with unique codes to better analyze its performance. Like there holding off until you get a really good deal usually pays off.

So don’t feel the need to always use the first discount you see. Especially if you don’t need it right away and the offer is only “okay” as the say. You can build up for hotter deals lie this too.

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