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Unique Store Manager Deals

I had an interesting thought today that ended up working surprisingly. Basically I was shopping for some groceries and wanted to buy some canned soup. The store I went to didn’t seem to have them on sale which kind of discouraged me from buying it as I have often seen it for a lot less very often. I then had a thought that on my way back home the same chain store that had the products may have it on sale though as I know each store often has special sales that the managers create. Sure enough, when I went to that other store the item was more than 30% cheaper.

That is one of the not so obvious ways to save money as the natural assumption is if it is one price at one store then all the other stores of the same chain must be the same. That isn’t always true as many times each store manager can attempt to drop the price of certain products to try and increase their sales in order to meet a particular sales goal. At the very least, it never hurts to phone in too to verify prices.

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