Unclaimed Funds, Property and Investments
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Unclaimed Funds, Property and Investments

I was just watching a brief segment on Dateline NBC on how there are literally millions of dollars in unclaimed funds waiting to be claimed by its rightful owners as they were being held under state treasury. It was amazing to see the type of heirlooms that remain unclaimed.

The most interesting story in the segment I thought was how there was a person who worked for the company Lowes for 14 years and held a fairly high job position as a regional supervisor. Unfortunately, he was unexpectedly forced to quit due to post traumatic stress from being involved in the Vietnam war when he was younger. During this time, he received company benefits from Lowes which gave its employees company shares and this had been sitting in a state treasury for years. It wasn’t until 25 years later that it was brought to his attention that he owned 14,480 shares of the company. Once he claimed it from the state treasury, he discovered that it was now worth about $950,000.

This sure makes me wonder if there is some type of heirloom or lost funds out there that I am unaware of for myself as I never really thought about anything like this before. This is for US residents, but apparently the website missingmoney.org is a great place for people who are interested in seeing if there are any unclaimed funds and properties for them. Maybe I’ll be able to bump into some sites for people in other countries that deal with something similar in the future.

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  • Ibrahim Mzee Ibrahim 12/26/2014

    Sir kindly a m looking for unclaimed funds to claim as a next of kin to share as partners

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