Unaware of Workplace Sales And Benefits
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Unaware of Workplace Sales And Benefits

Today I went to a store to redeem a reward offer that sounded very good for some Christmas gifts. The offer was for every $50 you spend on Apple gift cards you would get 5000 points which is $5. So that sounded like a great gift for people who use iPhone products. As I went to pay for the item I took out my phone to get my store rewards point number scanned and the employee immediately told me that I wouldn’t get any points for buying gift cards unless I had a special offer. I did of course and showed her in which she replied how that sounded like a great offer.

She was telling me how she often buys e-books from the Apple store and this offer would be very good since she would save money buying these cards versus directly depositing money. I was even joking how she is going to buy it now in which she expressed she probably would. That got me to think how many times people work for a company and are completely oblivious to the deals that they could get.

Sales are one thing, but many companies often have partnership with other companies to get huge discounts for products and services. Employee purchase plans for cell phones is a common example. One of my favorites when working at a retail store was this program called the Intel Edge retail program where you could buy the latest processor and all for such a cheap price compared to retail. But not many people took advantage of it or knew such a thing existed.

People often think employees snatch up all the good deals first. But many times they are forbidden from purchasing hot items or they simply aren’t aware of them.

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