Tying Income Opportunities With Your Education
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Tying Income Opportunities With Your Education

I was watching this piece about how a lot of people believed that as a result of not having resources and upper class schools compared to some of their peers that they do not have an equal playing field in life when it comes to making a good living. Example, all the less fortunate will be forced to work as grocery store clerks and the others would go on to be say some kind of executive.

This is one of those issues where I am inclined to say where in many ways it’s true from a resource point of view such as if I have a computer to work with and the other doesn’t then obviously I am going to be more technically inclined. At the same time, I have to believe that as long as you learn basic skills like reading then you can easily learn things like how to use a computer afterwards if necessary.

It’s like an athlete I suppose. Even if one guy doesn’t necessarily have all these exercising equipment and weights compared to another person, just training the essentials properly can kind of put you on the same league if not better in terms of strength and endurance if it came down to a competition afterwards.

I mean, there are a ton of people with simply a high school education that earn a lot more financially compared to say a person with a bachelor degree. Like with that example it shows me that your income is more tied to how you apply your knowledge as oppose to what you learned necessarily. I always saw tying your income to your education is a little risky as you are kind of setting yourself up to expect certain things to just come to you as a result. If your income is tied to anything, it’s more about one’s choices in life I’d say.

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  • aa 8/9/2008

    I have a friend who doesn’t have a college degree and was used to work as an auto technician. He went to something like ITT Tech for a couple years and is now earning 70K+ as a software engineer.

    IQ matters. Motivation also matters.

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