Twitter Accounts Hacked Fake Bitcoin Scam Data Security
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Twitter Accounts Hacked Fake Bitcoin Scam Data Security

Recently Twitter has experienced a major compromise to its system where famous accounts with millions of followers were tweeting out messages requesting followers to send them money. For example, send them $1000 and they will give $2000 back. It’s the all classic sign of a scam. However, when it comes from trusted and verified accounts that probably is enough for a lot of people to drop their guards.

The first thing you wonder is how many people were actually duped into doing this. Then you think about site security and whether or not the platform is actually still safe to use. Must be a nightmare for the company as well. The other point it makes me think is how as a business you have to constantly remind your users that you will never say request for information or money in these ways regardless of how legitimate it may look.

For example, people’s e-mails can be compromised where it’s no surprise that friends and families would get an e-mail blast from people they of some kind of scam to install an application as an example. Even for myself I tend to disable auto attachment openings or if someone I know sends me something I didn’t expect I actually don’t open the attachments at all unless I verify it through them personally. At this day in age you have to be extra vigilant. Especially if it is platforms involving your business.

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