Trying To Keep Money Expenses Within Your Network

Trying To Keep Money Expenses Within Your Network

This was something interesting I thought where recently a person contacted me if I could help them with some technical computer work as a person they spoke to would charge them hundreds of dollars for what sounded like a straight forward task for people with even basic knowledge of the subject. Because it was so trivial as well I simply did it which literally took about one minute.

The person was so happy that they wanted to give me the money that they would have given the other person. That would be odd as the whole point of asking for help in this case would be to save money right? But that’s when the comment came up where the person mentioned on how if they had to spend money for something they may as well give it to someone they know to keep the money within say the family and network.

On one end that is a perfectly normal thing that businesses do all the time where they use each other’s services to help one another grow. In the end they both benefit if one or the other becomes successful. So with that thought it’s kind of funny how we don’t think of this when it comes to tasks. Like here it definitely wasn’t my line of work that I normally do but I can do it. Would that make you think twice for other things such as instead of paying a stranger to put together furniture you bought from Ikea you would pay a handyman within your social circle?

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