Trying Out FeedBurner To Handle My Blog Feeds
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Trying Out FeedBurner To Handle My Blog Feeds

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Using site feeds to easily keep updated on news and events from a particular site has been around for a long time and has steadily been increasing in usage. The funny thing is, while I was looking at my logs as a general routine to ensure the site is fully functional I noticed that there were actually people typing in words like“AL6400 Blog Feed” on Google. I thought the top right portion of this blog had a fairly visible icon on how to subscribe to this blog feed, but apparently some people have been having difficulties with it.

So, today I have decided to let FeedBurner handle all of my feeds and I think it makes the subscription page a little easier to understand and it seems to be a little more point and click friendly. On top of that, I also added a large icon to the right category section that people can click on to subscribe to the blog feed along with a FeedBurner counter as that will tell me if this is making the subscribing process more user friendly for people. And just to make sure there is no missing it, I’ll post the clickable links here also. Hope this helps everyone.

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