Trying One New Clearance Item Habit
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Trying One New Clearance Item Habit

With that news of Loblaw stores maintaining its 50% off clearance discounts on expiring food items I was curious to see if I could find anything. While browsing I saw these bags of granola cereal mix for $2.94 where it was more than 50% off. The product still had a good shelf life for a few more months too so I figured why not? The thing was I actually never tried this particular brand and flavor before. So do I risk stocking up on something I may not enjoy?

I usually treat products in these situations as a way to experience new types of food. I suppose it is very similar to people who go to different restaurants just to try it out. Except in this case I do so very frugally I guess you can say. If I end up liking it then I tend to go back to the store the next day to then stock up. It’s good in these cases too since you don’t have to rush in consuming the product.

I personally find it’s a never-ending cycle as a result where I seem to be able to find new deals like these once my inventory starts to go low. It gives me enough variety of new things to try so that I don’t get tired of the same stuff.

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