Trying A Get Paid To Walk App Sweatcoin
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Trying A Get Paid To Walk App Sweatcoin

get paid to walk

I always lookout for things that can help me get paid for the stuff that I enjoy doing all the time. So the ability to get paid while I walk was kind of intriguing as I recently heard of this app called Sweatcoin. It essentially tracks the steps you take each day and like a rewards program you can then use the credit you earn to get free stuff. I must admit even I am skeptical at the moment but one of the reasons I thought this would be interesting to try as it could save me money.

I was always debating about getting items like those Fitbit trackers but couldn’t really justify one for the price. There are also games like Pokemon Go that can keep track of your walking distance too but that often requires you to leave the game on in the main screen. I actually walk a ton and it was funny as only using it for two days and with its cap it says I am in the top 10% of users. That made me wonder how little people walk on average or if I simply walk too much.

It’s an interesting concept business wise too as I would imagine companies would want to pay money to have its brand and product on the app. It’s nothing too new in concept but it will be interesting for me to see how good it actually is in the long run.

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