Trying Different Commuting Options In Your City
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Trying Different Commuting Options In Your City

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The other day I had to go to an area to help with a project and the person wanted to mark it as easy as possible for me to get there. I was actually okay with taking things like the transit to save money where it seemed like the drop off location would lead me to like two blocks away from the destination. But the person insisted in accommodating my travel with a car.

What was interesting to me was that afterwards I learned a big reason that it was insisted that I have car a drive me was because the person actually had no clue there was even public transit options that went through the area that I needed to go. They never really use the public transit system so that was understandable.

It kind of got me to think how even if you drive the car all the time you should also take the time to learn about all the commuting options in your city as well. In many cases it can save you money while giving you more options to travel efficiently. For example, I know people who would often drive a car to the rapid transit and use that as opposed to driving into the busy city where parking is expensive. Like there people with a car would usually just drive the whole way even though the other option is actually faster and cheaper. You just need to explore other commuting options.

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