Trying To Delete Every Unsuccessful Creation or Not

Trying To Delete Every Unsuccessful Creation or Not

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The other day I was gearing some advice from a person where in his view when it comes to growing a business and brand you should essentially only keep things in the public record that did fantastic. That way whenever someone looks at you they think you are a force to be reckon with in the industry. As an example, think of it like a movie. Imagine you had five movies that grossed millions and one movie that failed miserably. Therefore the suggestion was you erase that failed movie from all your records as if it never happened. Would you agree with that?

The rationale for that is if someone wants to invest with you then seeing records as if everything you touch turns to gold will increase that chance to form lucrative partnerships. However, seeing you having a few failures will make people view you a lot differently. That can be true perception wise but I don’t think that is proper.

Everyone has failures and that is how we learn and grow. I would argue your failures can actually turn into successes in the future such as if all of a sudden that product you offer is the flavor of the month. Or in many common examples once studios or someone becomes big those failures of sort become a great historical piece that can be worth a lot in many ways.

Obviously it’s a harder decision when you are starting out because unfortunately perception does play a big part in your growth. But instead of just trying to delete it maybe just don’t focus on it instead where if it’s past its lifespan for the time being then leave it in the archive I feel. You never know when it could be resurrected.

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