Trusting Workers At A Business or Official Company Information
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Trusting Workers At A Business or Official Company Information

This was funny to think about as recently I was in the supermarket looking at prices at various stores and a person asked if they could tag along. I agreed and while visiting different places to compare prices even the person was surprised at just how much cheaper or more expensive an item could be at different places. We then passed the refrigerated aisle and there were these 100% pure juices on sale which was definitely cheaper than most stores by about fifty percent.

So that should be a semi good deal. The person then commented that those items are always a bad deal as there is no such thing as pure. Her reasoning was that she has a friend that actually works in a juice factory that produces those types of items and the person told her the products are never truly pure. Therefore, you are spending more on marketing. While it may or may not be true, that me to think. Would you trust comments from an actual employee more or what a company says officially?

In some ways I would be more inclined to believe the employee because if they work there then realistically they should know what is really being served and offered. On the flip side, one could just be saying It because they don’t actually enjoy working for the company. I remember one common story is how many McDonald employees would tell everyone that they don’t serve real beef as it is just the name on the box called “100% real beef”.

They do indeed use real meat of course. But like there it can go either way in terms of who you should believe where ultimately you need some factual proof of course. Claims should be verifiable.

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