Tripple Threat Savings On Your Essential Shopping Needs
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Tripple Threat Savings On Your Essential Shopping Needs

colgate toothpaste and toothbrush

Today I noticed that one of the supermarkets was having a no tax day sale and that usually means there are a ton of people looking to save money. I find it odd when people stock up on produce items during these days as there isn’t tax on them usually. I did notice one thing in the flyer where toothpaste and toothbrushes were on sale. That wasn’t too shocking as I have seen this stuff for under a dollar before. The no tax benefit seemed like a good double benefit for this though. I then noticed on my rewards app the company gave me an offer where if I spent ten dollars on Colgate related items I would get 3500 points which equals to $3.50. In my mind, that would be silly for me to not take advantage of it.

colgate toothpaste 98 cents

colgate toothbrush

So, I ended up going to the store and purchasing six toothbrushes and five boxes of toothpaste. If I added the value of the points I got the total bill was something like $6.77. I didn’t keep it all for myself though. As usual when I buy a bunch of good deals like these I end up giving it to family and friends as well.

pc points colgate items

receipt colgate

This is kind of the ideal shopping scenario to save a lot of money and when I usually go with the buy all you can mode. You have an item that is definitely cheaper than the regular average retail price, you save money on the taxes and at the same time you have a coupon/rewards offer to drop the price even more. A lot of times you usually get really good reward offers on products that aren’t on sale. Like there, I wouldn’t be inclined to jump on it.

Making it a habit to stock up during scenarios like this though really adds up in terms of your savings for all your essential needs I find.

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