Tricky Sales Techniques

Tricky Sales Techniques

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An interesting thing happened today at the office. There was a person that knocked on the door and we had no idea who it could be. It turned out to be an artist who did paintings for a living and attempted to sell his work to us for a over $100.

Although I didn’t talk to the person myself, I was told what it was all about and how the person attempted to sell his work by implying that he was a struggling artist of some sort. The person who answered the door was telling me how he didn’t know if he was being scammed as he has seen people do these types of sales techniques before where they give you a sob story to get you to purchase things emotionally.

I have seen these kinds of things on TV before, but have never actually had it happen to me personally yet. That is pretty courageous I must say in trying to sell door to door in an office building environment.

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