Too Much Bureaucracy Costing You Money

Too Much Bureaucracy Costing You Money

I was reading some news today how Argentina apparently posted a surplus in recent times which is a dramatic change from years of simply losing money with no end in sight. Apparently what happened is a new leader was elected and one of the things he did immediately was shutdown a lot of government departments and closing down various programs. It’s the equivalent to a business downsizing to what one thinks should only be the essentials that are necessary to operate. As shown. It seemed to work thus far.

Getting rid of a lot of departments not only saved them money but the time as well in order to get things approved quickly. It makes you think as initially many would assume there is no way one can operate without all these departments as it has always been that way. But many times as well they can just be time and money drainers that are simply giving someone a payday.

This is actually a common story I hear from companies that become so successful where they end up just delegating tasks to someone else because they have the money to do so. The next thing you know, all these people begin to start hiring their friends and family members to do work that isn’t necessary but the owner has no real clue because the money is still coming in. It’s not until like the above example where things are going bad which forces one to actually look at where all the expenses are going to.

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