Thinking The Sale Price And Coupon Discounts Are Great
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Thinking The Sale Price And Coupon Discounts Are Great

Well this was a funny sale I saw where the company Adidas was having a sale where if you enter in a code you could get an additional 50% off the purchase of a sale item. Doesn’t sound too bad huh? The only thing that kind of caught my attention was this backpack as I was thinking of getting another one since my current one is worn out. It listed this classic backpack as originally $160. With the sale plus entering the code you could drop this bag down to about $48. What a great deal right?

I did try to see prices in other stores to make sure it was actually a good deal and at first it did seem like a lot of people listed it for at least $100 or more. What was funny is by searching the product code I found another listing on the same suite that was sold out which appeared to be the same product. However, this was a different color and was now sold out. The price listed for this though was $120 originally and was bring sold for $36. You didn’t even need the coupon.

That made me wonder, did they just markup the price of the bag to make the deal sound a lot better? Such a great example I thought though on how many times all those signs and messages you get on the amount of money you are saving could potentially be inflated for marketing purposes. Always need to do your research.

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