Thinking How Your Purchases Would Cause Your Habits To Be More Expensive
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Thinking How Your Purchases Would Cause Your Habits To Be More Expensive

walk car

Today I saw this video of like an electric scooter or hoverboard depending on what you want to call it. In this case though the item has four wheels and seems to be the size of like a notebook. The name of it is a “Walkcar” as they call it where they are dubbing it as a car in a bag. In many ways something like this is good for a person like myself as I often try to walk all the time and try to avoid taking transportation whenever possible. But often times there are no choice due to schedules. But something like this would be a good in-between solution I thought.

I was then thinking though if I actually did own items like these would it tend to make me lazy to the point where times where I would normally walk I would instead take this thing out? Because if so it could probably cost me more time and money. The reason for it is because I would probably not be getting as much walking exercise from it where I would have to set more time aside dedicated to staying active. So it makes me think at times on whether or not purchases like these would actually make my lifestyle less ideal as the end result could be the same overall.

It’s not something we often want to think about of course as we often see the things we buy for our lifestyle based on solving one need as opposed to how it effects other areas in our lives too. I personally think it is important to look at the overall picture and whether or not the solution you are wishing to incorporate into your life solves multiple things in a positive way.

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