Thinking People Should Just Be Happy With Employment
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Thinking People Should Just Be Happy With Employment

Today there is a massive strike starting for a lot of government workers as a lot of the buildings I passed by had employees outside with signs expressing how they want better contracts. While there was a lot of cheers and honking in support of this, what I found interesting was one gentleman that came up to me expressing how he was disgusted at people who go on strike as they should just be happy that they have a job.

You could then see him yelling at the workers on how they were ungrateful. I don’t think it’s ever a good idea to just accept a situation that is say bad where many times these types of job actions are necessary to promote change that should benefit everyone. Example, employees being taken care of who will then take care of the business better. Granted you could have people that just complain for no reason as they just want more pay with less effort, but in many cases huge strikes like these are a last resort for many I find.

Again, sometimes it’s the only way that a business or organization will actually take things seriously and this could go beyond just money as an example. Never just pre-judge as you never know how much people have tried before going through with job actions like these.

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