Thinking of Value or Location For Vancouver Fireworks Venue
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Thinking of Value or Location For Vancouver Fireworks Venue

There is a huge fireworks event here in Vancouver where as a expected huge crowds appear each night which also gives businesses a lot of opportunity to offer premium seats to help people avoid the crowd. What was interesting about all the options as you could spend almost one hundred dollars for a special seating area near event. Then there were other options I saw such as paying tickets for a party boat. It was almost the same price except here you’ll get a boat ride for the night with some food.

From a value perspective the boat almost makes more sense. But for spending money on events like these would you focus more on the location in getting the best view and experience instead? I personally try to factor in value even in these scenarios. Unless you are specifically going for say work purposes such as recording the event. Then it’s more about being at the right spot for prime filming.

Because if it is literally just for a sea and spot then honestly for over one hundred dollars I would probably rather find a good spot at say the beach early and maybe have like a picnic with friends or something. Imagine five friends who were going to spend $100 each on just a seat outdoors. $500 could buy you a lot of food amongst other things to enjoy the day while you wait for the fireworks event.

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