Thinking About The Value of Fast Food
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Thinking About The Value of Fast Food

This was kind of funny but depressing to see as there was this post on the Vancouver Reddit area as someone says he bought this taco from a Tacofino which cost $11. As you can see, he opens it up and that definitely does not look like $11 worth of food. All the cost must be going to marketing and labor huh? To think that people usually associate fast food as eating on a budget since it is cheaper than dining at a more formal restaurant. But can you truly say with examples like these you are even saving money?

For eleven dollars you can get a lot of food at the supermarket. I can probably make a couple of burgers as an example. Of course it could just be an isolated incident where this wasn’t prepared right. But I do remember a time when I worked at McDonald’s they had these wraps and to make them we were specifically instructed to put this very little spoon full of chicken on each wrap. It was so small I thought it was an error. But the manager insisted that is how much we were supposed to put in. Not surprisingly, we were getting complaints from customers that there didn’t seem to be much meat in the wraps.

When I thought about it, you wee mostly paying for the lettuce and the wrap which didn’t feel like a good deal. You may be surprised when you actually break down and look at all the components of the fast food you are purchasing if you think it’s the best value on a budget. I personally feel it’s more for convenience which in many ways makes it a luxury of sort.

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