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The True Total Cost

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This was a little odd today as a person was saying how they purchased a brand new washer and dryer where as usual the company would have someone deliver it and as well take the old appliances with them. However, in this case the business mentioned that they won’t unhook the current appliances for liability reasons and so as a result the customer must do it themselves or that they would need to hire someone to do so. To my knowledge most people would actually do this for you too.

This is kind of weird. It’s almost like a home theatre company saying they will come and install the new TV for you but they can’t unhook the cords from your current set for liability reasons. If it was me this would almost make me inclined to not buy the item from them as it seems so silly. It also makes me think that it is simply a way for them to charge more money. I guess sometimes companies forget that the after service can mean a lot as opposed to simply offering the item as cheap as they can.

I usually end up saving money with companies that provide services like that for free. Even if the item is cheaper elsewhere it’s not uncommon to see companies charge a ridiculous fee for services like the above. May as well decide your purchase on the true total cost.

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