The Sale Value Versus What You Need
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The Sale Value Versus What You Need

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While I was at a store today the business was having one of those if you spent an X amount of dollars at the store you will be entitled to receive about $15 off your entire purchase. That got me interested in looking for a new alarm clock for the bedroom. This is where it got interesting. Realistically, all you need is something that tells you the time while having an alarm feature. There was an item that did just that and it costed about $8 only.

However, right next to it were quite a few more selections. These ones happened t be on sale as the original prices were about $35 and today it appeared to be selling for about $20. They had a lot more features such as the ability to play the radio, built in CD players and some even had mini projectors so that you could project the time to a wall.

Clearly you would be getting more for your money’s worth by purchasing the more expensive ones. But when it came down to it I couldn’t help to think that I would be paying for features in a product that I don’t really need. Example, the purpose of it is to simply display the time and to have an alert feature. So in that sense what is the point in paying for features like a CD player? Trying to look past losing a good sale value so that you can ultimately save more money by simply getting what you need can be challenging for many.

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