The Price of Doing Things The Last Minute
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The Price of Doing Things The Last Minute

Today I heard a situation where a person really needed help for a certain type of work that could have been done by herself. However, she procrastinated in doing it and since there was a tight deadline she decided to get a professional to help her out.

Of course, companies usually charge a premium for work that requires expedited services and the bill was definitely pretty hefty. I think during the Christmas season a lot of people tend to spend more too in a similar fashion as they just buy anything as long as the price is right.

I remember one time I needed to buy a cable for my camcorder as I found out that I forgot to pack it. While normally I could get them for say two dollars, since I needed it I paid an enormous price of about $35 for one as it was the only place within the area that sold it. Last minute shopping can definitely have its costs.

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