The One Per Person Limit
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The One Per Person Limit

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While at the supermarket today I saw a good deal on five pounds of carrot for about $1.50 with the stipulation being that it was limited to one per person. I was with other people as well and so naturally we each bought one as individual transactions. Funny enough one person brought up if that was technically allowed since many would consider us to be in the same group so to speak.

For the most part I would say a lot of businesses do this to prevent resellers from purchasing everything themselves. Therefore, I don’t see why people feel weird if they are say shopping with a friend and they literally each make separate transactions in order to capitalize on the deal to save money. There are some odd moments though as I remember one time I saw a family with like five kids who all seemed like they were under ten years old and the parents got them all to buy these cases of soda as there was a one per person limit.

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