The Notion of Losing Money Because of Principles

The Notion of Losing Money Because of Principles

Imagine yourself in this scenario that a person was telling me about today. Essentially, she has been in a marriage for many years where ultimately the relationship went south and a divorce occurred. Now one thing was that she wanted to avoid the use of lawyers as the bill could easily come out to $20,000+ where it’s one of those everyone but the lawyers will win scenario.

Fast forward to about a year later and it was discovered that the person had at least another bank account that was undisclosed worth probably about $50,000 or so. The solution from what I gathered would be to go through a process to freeze the person’s bank account and then go through all the legal procedures to claim her share of it. The problem? Of course apparently the lawyer says that once it is all done with the bill will probably be about $25,000. Therefore, it almost makes financial sense to just let him keep the money while getting away with it.

This then brought a lot of conflict to herself as again financially it makes no sense to even try yet it feels like she must to not let the person get away with it. What do you you do in that situation? While thinking about it, I think the most common solution that usually works out if it is a case of where it makes no financial sense is to simply find a way to share your story as odd as that sounds. It usually results in at least someone getting educated which helps them or at the same time aids you in finding solutions/volunteers that won’t request you to sell your house for help so to speak.

I do think it is dangerous to simply spend a ton of money just for the sake of principles like in these cases as I guess you can say the decision is too emotional. Finding a a good way to share your story offers most of the benefit that a person is looking for I say in these situations and really it shouldn’t cost you much or if anything to do so.

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