The Habit of Grabbing The Far Back Items
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The Habit of Grabbing The Far Back Items

I think almost everyone has done this at one time or another where whenever we shop in say a store or supermarket for items that are in some kind of package/container we tend to grab the ones at the far back. I guess the logic is that the one at the back is somehow newer and so we perceive that as getting a better value for our dollar.

Sometimes there are legitimate reasons for this such as just the other day I saw this guy who was interested in buying a radio it seemed and he had absolutely no problem in opening up the package and literally plugged it into a wall to see how it was like. He did eventually put the radio back in the box and afterwards grabbed a new box of the same product to purchase that one. So in those cases I can see why you would want to grab the ones in the back.

Other times though such as when I see people buying cereal where all the products have the same expiry date and are clearly unopened it’s just amazing to see the effort that people go to in order to get the one from the far back. I’m all for trying to get the most for your dollar, but at the same time sometimes you have to realize that the item you are buying isn’t any better or worse than what everyone else is going to buy. Time is money too.

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