The Bad Guy or The Good Guy Approach

The Bad Guy or The Good Guy Approach

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I had the computer TV running in the background recently while doing some work and there appeared to be this weird Survivor type of show with celebrities on it (Upon looking further it is called I’m a celebrity. Get me out of here). There was one moment where this guy was implying that he wants to be the hated bad guy as you get more exposure that way for his business brand. As expected, some people thought that was crazy.

Sure makes you think though. Even when it comes to people who make a lot of money when it comes to wacky ideas it seems like a more common theme is people who choose the evil persona, even if it is in a playful way, tend to get more attention and results than people who do things the more ethical and socially acceptable way.

What exactly is the reason for that? I personally think it comes down to personality and entertainment. At the same time, the answer could simply be the uniqueness as more than likely the “bad guy” approach does things that are new to you. Hence, people pay more attention to it. In the end, that is a big reason to execute a marketing plan I guess you can say.

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