The Apprentice Season Six – Episode 7
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The Apprentice Season Six – Episode 7

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It’s been awhile hasn’t it? The new episode finally aired and it was an interesting one. The task for the two teams was to help promote the new Lexus LS 460 Sedan by holding a user experience event for some of Lexus’ preferred guests. This was a luxury vehicle and so similarly that is what the event was supposed to portray to the guests. To determine the winner, the team with the highest approval rating would win.

Team Arrow seems to still have issues with Surya as the respect doesn’t seem to be there in having him lead the team and taking credit for it. Again, I don’t know if it is just very selective video editing or if he is really that oblivious in regards to how others view him. Team Kinetic seemed to be in a not so team friendly mood as people appeared to be more concerned about getting their own responsibilities done without worrying too much if the other person messes up as they can then just shift the blame on others.

Team Kinetic was pretty much struggling right from the start as they were unable to think of a clear vision of the event and how to execute it. Instead, they had a bunch of jumbled up thoughts and decided to include things such as Go-Kart Racing and having Magicians at the event. Also Jenn, who is a publicist by profession and was the project manager of this task, completely tanked when it came to speaking in-front of the audience about the vehicle which is kind of ironic. Team Arrow was definitely more organized and did a better job in highlighting the car and establishing the atmosphere to cater the mood of luxury. I must say, it’s kind of cool to see a car that has the ability to park by itself. In the end, Team Arrow received an approval rating of 94/100 and Team Kinetic received a rating of 84/100.

In the boardroom the main focus was how the creativity aspect of the event was disastrous with ideas such as the Go-Kart. Now the most interesting part of the episode I thought came here. Trump asked Derek on what he thought about the Go-Kart idea as he was the one who originally conveyed the idea and Derek then commented how the team addressed that Go-Karts didn’t really portray the idea of luxury. Derek then mentions how he agrees with that notion as that is something that maybe he would like to do personally but he recognizes that he is not a Lexus customer but rather he is “White Trash” so to speak. While he says he was joking, Donald Trump took that very seriously and fired him on the spot. Here is a clip of that part:

It didn’t stop there as Trump still wanted to fire someone specifically for the failure of the task and Jenn was that person. While I agree it was a dumb thing for Derek to say, in my opinion I think Donald Trump wanted to get rid of him or say two people that day and this was the perfect opportunity to do it. Basically, I think there were more reasons behind the firing such as having to get rid of more people to make sure the show stays on schedule or some other outside factor. It’s kind of complicated, but I guess I am one of those people who always tries to analyze more than what the person says through other factors such as their body language. An interesting note was that this time Trump complained how Surya was being too quiet in the boardroom which may be an indication for next week.

Interesting I must say though. I guess in many ways it can be true where if a person says bad things about themselves it can also portray an unpleasant side about them as I know a lot of people believe that for every joke there is an ounce of truth to it. On the other side, there are a ton of people who would say otherwise as a joke is a joke and that people who can’t joke about themselves are in some ways insecure. In this case though, I do think it was an inappropriate thing to do as it shows a sign of weakness where if the person you are talking to is dead serious, making jokes in that type of an environment is like a cover up to hide how you don’t really know what to do or say. There’s a time and place for everything and that comment definitely came to the wrong place at the wrong time.

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