The Apprentice Season Six – Episode 5
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The Apprentice Season Six – Episode 5

I guess as everyone knows there wasn’t an update last week as the episode didn’t air due to the super bowl. But, it did show today and it was kind of an interesting one. I think they kind of spoiled the episode in the beginning this time around. While in the beginning they normally do a recap on what happened last week and focus on the main events such as who got fired, in the beginning it seemed like they were trying to emphasize on how Aaron didn’t say much in the boardroom last time when he was suppose to help Trump in deciding who should be fired. So, that kind of made it obvious where that would somehow come up during the episode.

The task this time was that the two teams would first have to harvest honey from bees, package it and then sell it at a store. The team who made the most money from selling the honey would win. On team arrow’s side there was this moment that I thought was funny mainly because it was so true as I have personally seen this a lot. Aaron, James and Surya were the ones working behind the scenes in planning how to market the product and Surya emphasized how he does this type of stuff everyday.

During the brainstorming session Surya was very confident and used all of this business jargon which unnecessarily overcomplicated everything. Towards the end of the brainstorming session they then showed James saying how the task should be simple as it should simply be to make honey and to sell it to make as much money as possible. They then showed a clip where Surya said “It’s revenue maximization” and with a slight pause James then said “You Mean Making Money?”

The angle of the episode then seemed like it was trying to show how Team Kinetic looked like they were doing extremely bad due to the project manager, who was Aimee, as it looked like she had no clue what she was doing and it didn’t seem like anyone was really interested in buying the honey. Instead of giving up, despite her leadership the team thought of some creative things and took initiative as Derek went inside the store while wearing a bee protection suit to generate attention and the team then also used Angela’s accomplishment as an Olympic gold medalist to draw attention. In the end, team Arrow sold 217 bottles of honey which generated $775.48 and Team Kinetic sold 345 Bottles of honey for $836.48 which made them the winner.

In the boardroom it looked like Trump’s decision was already made even before anything was really said as he immediately commented on how last time Aaron didn’t really say anything but just sat there when it came to deliberating who should be fired and that was pretty much the topic of conversation throughout and he was fired. I thought there were some interesting comments that came out of this though. Aaron mentioned how if Trump had told him that he wanted him to be more vocal then he would have as he didn’t know how he was suppose to act. Sean, a past apprentice winner, then made a comment that he had to just be himself which created a slight pause.

That was a really interesting moment I thought as in many times if you are right for something just being yourself and doing things because you have the passion and natural drive for it will most often make you the winner. You shouldn’t have to act or pretend to be someone that you are not and if you always need people to tell you what to do and how to compose yourself then maybe that opportunity wasn’t meant for you.

I liked how during the episode for team Kinetic it showed that even with a disorganized leader a good team can still make things happen by taking initiative instead of just giving up and focusing on the negativity on how bad something is going. That takes a lot of pride to do as well as in most cases where I have seen situations like this a team would often purposely not care just to prove themselves right. It was kind of ridiculous though to see Aimee criticize team Arrow so harshly because if all of that video editing gave an accurate interpretation on just how bad her team would have loss if they hadn’t of taken initiative then she should be the one that deserves to be let go in my opinion.

Also, is it just me or in this episode did it seem like Donald Trump was using the word “Ass” explicitly so many times? It just seems a little too excessive in my opinion.

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