First Episode of Season 6
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First Episode of Season 6

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So yesterday was the first episode and I think right from the start you can tell that one of their focus this time around was to artificially add drama and entertainment value to the show in a planned type of way. A good example of this is how this season the losing team has to sleep outside in a tent which makes it like the show Survivor it seems. I’m not too sure if that will be good as most of the entertainment value I see in the show is seeing how different people deal with business and management issues. Interesting to note too that this time around there are Internet business owners and experts within the candidate pool.

The task that the two teams had to do was a car wash and it kind of showed some interesting incidents in business that I have seen a lot. One side at first had problems attracting customers whereas the other side was attracting too many customers which created a backlog. You always want to be able to balance both of course. In the end, these were the results of the two teams as it was a pretty close call:

Frank’s Team: $2344.54
Heidi’s Team: $2463.00

Now there was this candidate named Martin who is a lawyer and was a part of the losing team. It looked like the show was trying to portray him as the “devious one” so to speak as there was a part where he was quoted in saying “There is a Nigerian saying that says seize every opportunity as if it were your last” and then they showed how he easily got Frank all riled up as he tried to persuade the group that the project manager was the one to blame for the loss. They then showed Martin talking on how he can handle the psychology of the group and then said quote “If I can pull this thing off, let me tell you I will be the greatest apprentice ever.”

I’ve personally had my fair share in dealing with people like that and while I do think that type of personality is a little too arrogant, debating with people like that is actually good practice I think in terms of keeping your composure in a high pressure situation as you really have to think logically and not emotionally to win the battle. When it came down to who was going to be fired, as expected it was Martin VS Frank.

Martin basically had this sly attitude for the most part in attacking Frank. For Frank, he was super energetic about the whole matter as he really did not want to get fired. Some may see it as a person that has a lot of passion, but for this incident in particular it looked like he was simply lost and didn’t know what to do and so being hyper active like how he was to me looked like a way to try and hide that. The highlight moment of the show I thought was when Trump asked all the other candidates who they would fire and then he made a comment about Martin saying “You know, Martin is a bit of a pompous ass.”

In the end, Martin was fired as Trump didn’t feel he was the type of person who could do things such as manage people and sales. It was also kind of silly to see how Frank was so giddy about the decision and kind of rubbed it in Martin’s face and said to him “He said Martin you’re fired.” Was entertaining though and here is a brief clip of these parts:

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