Testing Out Credit Card Security

Testing Out Credit Card Security

Today I had to renew some domain names where for the most part it should be pretty straight forward. Login to the site, choose which domain you would like to renew and then pay for it. While doing this I figured that I may as well renew some other domains earlier. That’s what got me thinking at first as I was going through them pretty quickly to the point I was thinking to myself if the credit card security would kick in.

I would imagine that would be a sign that one’s credit card has been compromised as an example if tons of orders are being processed in a short time span. Sure enough, eventually I got a message saying that the transaction was declined by the credit card company. So I guess you can say it works in terms of their automated fraud detection system where it’s better safe than sorry.

Which makes me think too as many times people don’t actually test all the expensive security systems and procedures that they have in place. It’s not a bad idea to test it once in a while to make sure it actually works. Reminds me of an Internet company that was billing a business about $50 to manage data backup where one day they actually did lose all their files just to find out the company wasn’t doing any backups at all. Even stores often use secret shoppers to make sure things are going as intended if you think about it.

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