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Taking Up Space Which Costs Money

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I was cleaning out the closet a bit today and there were so many things that I saved which I really have no use for. An example is old computer parts that I thought I may be able to re-use. All it did end up doing is taking up space and I was thinking how in some ways this actually costs money.

How so? Well in this case because these items were occupying various parts of the room in some cases I even purchased containers and organizers for other things simply so I can stack certain things without being messy. However, if I didn’t keep this stuff in general I wouldn’t have to buy it in the first place. I guess an example is if you have closet space then you could easily put like a notebook safely in it. However, leaving it outside makes it more prone to like dust and so you will mot likely want to purchase something extra to protect it.

The whole concept of your space is money got me thinking too as I was taking with some other people about space storage companies that charge people so much money to store their goods. Imagine if you are one of those people where if you simply got rid of some clutter you can simply utilize the space that you have instead.

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