Taking The Time To Learn About A Cultural Phenomenon

Taking The Time To Learn About A Cultural Phenomenon

pokemon go metrotown bc gym

Today while passing by a few places there were strangely a lot of people gathered up in an unusual spot. There wasn’t any kind of event that was apparent and it didn’t seem like people necessarily knew each other. Funny enough I knew instantly what was going on as I notice a few people had their smartphones out. People were gathered up playing this new game, which hasn’t even been released in Canada yet, called Pokemon Go. It is basically an augmented reality game where people literally have to physically go to certain landmarks to do stuff.

What this made me think of business wise is how this would probably just go over the head of many people where technically only fans of the game should care. However, this game brings an interesting point as in many other countries it has been bringing in large groups of people to specific landmarks. If you think about it that is free advertising. It can be good for people who run things like a food truck too as it would tell you exactly where a large group of people will most likely be around.

In that sense it’s kind of a bad idea to just ignore these types of things where you say “Just something kids are into these days” as it can be a huge loss of opportunity for you in so many ways. There is almost no reason you can’t take a little time to research a little about it either to see if it can in any way affect you in a positive way. If this is a sign of things to come too then understanding the buzz about this in general should be a necessity in many ways.

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