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Taking The Risk Yourself Without A Middle Man

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I thought this was kind of an odd proposal where I was reading how a person really wanted to get into things such as NFT’s as there are a lot of people making millions to the point where everyone wants a piece of the pie. Now this person doesn’t have any artistic skills and so he was essentially looking for someone else to create artwork which he would then publish and split the profits with the creator.

I was thinking in that case, why not just do it yourself if you are the artist considering it is very do it yourself in many ways? As well, considering that artist is literally doing all of the work and the middle man is just publishing it without any additional value put into it I wouldn’t see how this would be an qual partnership.

The only other thing I can think of is that sometimes people are just too afraid to set everything up themselves for whatever reason. In examples like these though, I would say you are likely to lose more by not just trying it yourself at first where the risk is virtually nothing. You may even learn a new skill as well that is valuable in itself.

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