Taking Pictures of Sale Prices To Remember Discounts

Taking Pictures of Sale Prices To Remember Discounts

I thought this was a fun example where I was just walking by the clearance aisles of various stores as many were still trying to et rid of its excess Christmas stock. I usually take photos of sale prices to be used in case there is a price error at the checkout out. As well, it gives me a record to reference whenever I need to reflect back on which stores have the best deals.

This example was interesting as it was the exact same product at different stores. But the price was substantially different. So for the first store this Quality Street chocolate pack is listed to originally be $22.99. It is now be cleared out for $13.96. What a great deal right if you were looking for something like this.

Now just a few steps away there was another store that had the exact same product on clearance. Here it was listed as $21.99 as the original price and now it was being cleared out for $8.79. That is a substantial difference in savings and would be the one to go for.

As well, now that I have pictures of it I can always reference to what the pricing structures are like in certain stores while sharing it with others as well in hopes they can find even better deals. Some stores actually don’t like you to take pictures. But when you can it is a useful resource to have.

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