Taking Money To Make Others Feel Better
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Taking Money To Make Others Feel Better

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The other day I finished helping a family member fix up some stuff with their computer where for the most part it was a fairly easy job for myself. As usual, I don’t expect anything back for it. However, he insisted that I should take some money from him as that way he would feel better about having me help him with all this work. I was apprehensive about it as it kind of defeated the purpose of helping a family member out in many ways. However, I accepted it graciously in the end as I didn’t want to make a fuss about it.

Funny enough, I am inclined in many ways to simply save the money up and simply use it towards buying the person say a bigger budgeted gift than normal. Sneaky huh? Although, he originally wanted to buy me some dumbbell weights as he knew I was looking for some and instead gave me the money to buy some. So in that sense I can’t do the gift fund transfer idea.

In many ways it almost feels like I am in a debt by accepting money for things that I agree to do for free. Hence, it kind of makes you want to do more for the person next time they need help. In the end though, at least I accomplished my main goal of being able to help. Just funny how money usually plays a role in it one way or another.

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