Taking The Full Loss or Recouping A Little

Taking The Full Loss or Recouping A Little

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Today I went to pick up an item from a 3D printed store and I was surprised at how fast they finished the job. Upon collecting the item it unfortunately actually didn’t fit the camera lens it was intended for. What it came down to was the material that was used to print it wasn’t the one that was needed as it required the item to be a little flexible. I was then told I would have to get another one printed.

My first reaction of course was that this meant I would have to pay again which didn’t really seem right. After thinking about it for awhile the person decided that he would charge me an extra one dollar to get another one printed with the proper material and I could keep the one that didn’t work. To me I didn’t want to really debate about it as this is all new to me and I figured why not.

Makes you think here where if you were the business would you tend to try and make something back or would you just take the full loss? It’s kind of interesting as smaller companies would usually try and recoup a little whereas larger companies would just eat the loss entirely.

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