Taking Advantage of Dismal Repercussions
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Taking Advantage of Dismal Repercussions

I thought it was interesting reading how apparently there are people that are literally committing crimes of sort in order to get clout and attention which they in-turn use to make money through various means. In some cases, it’s teens who know what they are doing is wrong but know that the penalty will simply be a slap in the arm in exchange for potentially making over $10,000 as an example by acquiring mass attention and potentially selling thing to people.

I remember one story where a person was saying how you shouldn’t blame him for taking advantage of the system as you should be more concerned on why the system is so weak against people like him in a sense. Doesn’t make it right, but it definitely does make you think how for many people this is what they need to do in order to get ahead.

I don’t know if doing crazy antics such as vandalizing a store is good considering there will be a public record of it forever and one has to be pretty confident that people simply won’t care ten years later as an example. Only time will tell for these folks huh?

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