Coincidentally Successful When No One Else Would Dare

I was reading some articles lately about various companies who have made it big and most of them had this one little fact about their start up that I found interesting. It appeared that for all of them they started their business during a time when the economy/market was bad and everyone was advising them […]

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Business Financial Management

Needing Financial Failure To Become Better

In the midst of reading all this news about that bailout plan in the US one thing that was raised was how a lot of people disagreed that banks should be given money and that these businesses need to fail for the economy to then build itself back. The more I thought about it the […]

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Business and Finance Books

Think Big And Kick Ass In Business And Life – Chapter 1

The title of this chapter is “Do You Have What It Takes?”. For the most part, the chapter discussed about how the top 2% of the people in the world all share a similar trait and how you can’t see life in a fairy tale way, so to speak. Trump is pretty blunt on how […]

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