Financial Management

Spreading Funds Across Too Many Bank Accounts

Today a topic came up about a person who has his money spread out across various banks. In some cases, he had about 5 different bank account plans with the same bank except it was with different branches. Of course, the first assumption we were thinking was that he had so many bank accounts as […]

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General Thoughts and Fun Topics

Reaction To Lottery Winnings

Today my mom was telling me how she got four numbers right playing the 649 lottery and wasn’t sure how much she won and asked me if I could find out. So, I just went to the official lottery site and apparently getting four numbers right for this draw yielded a prize of $72.90. The […]

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Business Financial Management

Looking For Lowest Price Guarantees

One thing that a lot of people do, especially during this time of the year, is taking advantage of price matching guarantees that companies offer. While many simply agree to match the prices of its competitor’s prices if you find it cheaper, others are willing to give you an extra discount such as an extra […]

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Business General Thoughts and Fun Topics

Buy One Get One Free or Half Price Off

While looking at some flyers recently I noticed that one place was have a buy one get one free sale on a lot of merchandises. The prices for one of the items are inline with other business, so in many ways it does seem like a good deal. For myself as a consumer, I usually […]

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Financial Management Making Money

Loose Change Total

Finally got around to counting all of the loose change. Again, here is the picture for reference: The breakdown came out to something like this: Pennies: 408 = $4.08 Nickels: 134 = $6.70 Dimes: 207 = $20.70 Quarters: 355 = $88.75 Loonies: 39 = $39 Toonies: 25 = $50 Total = $209.23 Not the highest […]

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Business Financial Management General Thoughts and Fun Topics

Waiting For The Market Reaction Deals And Savings

There is just a non stop pouring of negative news about this financial crisis huh? Even here in Canada I was reading about things such as how the Canadian dollar is at about 90 cent US. One thing that people seem to be overlooking though is the savings that you can take advantage of. For […]

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