Business Making Money

Career Changes And Money

Today I was having a discussion with a person on the amount of times that people change careers as some people usually want to learn more in life while others want more money. We were just comparing some answers from say young adults to people who have already been doing something for say 5+ years. […]

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General Thoughts and Fun Topics

Establish Your Work And Income or Find Your Lifemate First

I went to get a haircut yesterday from the usual people that I have been seeing for awhile now. It’s good too as the couple who do the haircuts also owns the business. Ever since they moved their operations to downtown we would often talk about business issues such as the cost of leasing a […]

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Financial Management

Spending What You Have

While listening to the radio today, I heard a person talk about how serious he is in teaching his kids to save money as he feels that everything in life revolves around it. He would give them a lecture to no end if they decided to buy items such as toys just for the heck […]

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