Financial Management

Shopping Based On Seasons

For one reason or another I had a craving for a pineapple recently and so I decided that I was going to shop around for one. A person then told me that I should avoid it as at this point of the year it is an out of season fruit and therefore the price is

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General Thoughts and Fun Topics

Group Christmas Bargain Shopping

I’m personally still one of those people who hasn’t finished their Christmas shopping yet. One thing that I plan to do tomorrow though was that myself and some friends saw these deals where you can either purchase X amount of products to get another free or purchase X amount of dollars worth of goods and

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Business General Thoughts and Fun Topics

Buy One Get One Free or Half Price Off

While looking at some flyers recently I noticed that one place was have a buy one get one free sale on a lot of merchandises. The prices for one of the items are inline with other business, so in many ways it does seem like a good deal. For myself as a consumer, I usually

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Business Financial Management

Last Digits of A Sale Price

Usually the natural instinct to see if you are getting a good deal on a product or to see if you can possibly get the item for cheaper one would only compare the original labeled price to the marked sale price. Another good thing to keep in mind though is to keep an eye out

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