Stuck Having To Pay For Proprietary Connections
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Stuck Having To Pay For Proprietary Connections

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I finished all my Christmas shopping awhile ago but I thought it would be nice to get some extra stuff. One idea was that I knew a family member who used an Apple iPad and he was interested in displaying it on a larger monitor or TV screen. Now there are a ton of affordable options to do this with other products so I figured I would see what the options were.

The prices were extremely ludicrous I thought such as these lightning AV adapters that cost about $70. You would still need to like buy other cords like an HDMI separately too. For that price I would be expecting to buy like a media box or streaming stick of some sort that allows screen mirroring too. Honestly, at that price it almost makes more sense to buy like an Apple TV. Maybe that was the business intention too.

Makes me think how whenever you buy expensive devices and all you should research on what it will cost you down the road should you decide to spruce it up with accessories and such. In this case it’s almost like you are stuck paying a premium due to the proprietary format.

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