Storing And Freezing Food Yourself To Save Money
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Storing And Freezing Food Yourself To Save Money

The funny thing is when it comes to saving money on food sometimes people spend a ton of money purchasing items that aren’t in season. As you can imagine the price of the item is super expensive as a result. This made me remember when a person gave me some frozen blueberries which they picked awhile back. While the texture and such would be different of course the person was saying how they just ate it like ice cream. I tried it and it tasted pretty good.

I was thinking of the savings too which is pretty substantial. Even if you buy the stuff frozen it is still rather pricey. Usually on TV shows you would see characters do things such as jarring up various goods to save for the winter as an example. Yet for some reason it seems like most of us don’t really bother to store our own foods this way to save money.

It makes me wonder why that is since the savings can be significant. Is it just the notion that you will always have an option so no point? It can be fun too such as making your own pickled vegetables that lasts for a super long time. Or canning freshly made juice so that you don’t have to pay the outrageous prices at the store.

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