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Stereotyping A Group of People For Service Rates

While this happens all the time, it was just kind of weird to hear it. Basically, a person was looking for a moving company that would be cheap and effective. While looking at various companies the rates seemed kind of high in comparison to how much it would cost by doing it yourself. So the person’s reaction after was to try and find a local Chinese company as the assumption was that these are the types of business that offer cheap services.

In this particular case though they did find a lot of people that offered the services for way less than market value. Of course, this was a result of most of them running their operations in an under the table type of fashion. Basically, no taxes, no insurance protection for your items, etc. It’s just kind of funny that one could have an immediate stereotype like that in trying to find certain deals. Like in this example I would say looking at any random classified ad would probably result in similar results.

It’s things like that which should make you think too on whether your business is being prematurely stereotyped in that fashion and if there is a better way to present yourself if so.

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