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Starting A Venture Without Being A Full Expert

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The other day I was talking to a one of my teachers where he has been saying how he really wanted me to start a class to start teaching kids as he felt it would be good for me as I can actually become better at my craft this way too. My first thought was that if I didn’t feel that I knew enough to teach an adult then that would really make sense to start a class of any sort. He was then saying how he felt that is not the right way to think as teaching kids requires a different style per se. For example, adults may be more about technical learning whereas kids want to have fun for the most part.

This then made me think how there are so many people in the area who actually teach classes where they themselves aren’t really masters at what they do per se. I guess another way he was trying to get me to think about it is like saying if you gave a high school education with math topics then technically you should have the knowledge to teach people who are starting with kindergarten basics of math. Whereas many times in starting a business it’s like saying we all assume we must have a university degree to teach some basic bath.

Do you think this is a topic that people overthink usually where they think they need to know more than they really do to start a training business of sort? For me I suppose it’s more about the ethics of it where I always imagine if you are teaching people then you should in a sense truly know everything at a very high level. Then again if you know more than someone else technically you have the skill and knowledge that they want.

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