Stacking Multiple Reward Point Offers Habit PC Points Example
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Stacking Multiple Reward Point Offers Habit PC Points Example

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I mentioned before than many times when it comes to these store reward points nowadays that use some kind of digital app you are often given offers based on your shopping habits which it thinks is best for you. Long story short, wait it out and you can get better ones usually. Today I actually got two great offers which got me thinking about another important habit in saving money and earning more with these types of reward programs.

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I got one offer where if you spent $2 or more on eggs you will essentially get $1 back (1000 Points). Not bad as that is like 50% off. Then I got another offer that stated if you spent $10 on almost anything you would get $3 (3000). That’s a pretty hot deal as that would be 30% off on so many items that you can pretty much mix and match as well.

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What this made me think is how many times whenever people get an offer they then go shopping for all their needs while making sure they buy that one item that qualifies for the bonus points. While that is good it is even better if you actually shop with the intent to stack as many deals as possible. Like here the wise route would be to take advantage of both these offers in one go instead of one by one. I have a ton of other offers too for individual items and from my experience this stuff stacks unless stated specifically where it can`t be combined.

Holding out for those deals are the first step. You have to make sure too like here just because you have a coupon doesn`t mean you should buy an overpriced item. Imagine seeing a dozen eggs for sale for $1 where with the coupon you can essentially get it for free. Then on top of that you can stack it with the other coupon to get even more. It sure can be rewarding when you get into the habit of this savings cycle.

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