Spending Money On Advice And Training Just To Always Be Dependent On The Teacher

Spending Money On Advice And Training Just To Always Be Dependent On The Teacher

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This was a little awkward to me as I was hearing a story of a lady who was always barely scraping by financially. So obviously something had to change. She didn’t make very much money as her income was about $2000 a month it seemed. The interesting was how she spent it. About $1200 of her monthly income went to a personal trainer of some sort. Basically, the person would coach her on how to exercise a routine and all twice a week. It was mentioned that seemed to be a bit excessive. However, she was saying how health is an important issue and so she shouldn’t skimp out on it.

This isn’t like a situation of just going to the gym too. Instead it’s like a lifestyle expense where it’s almost like she isn’t being taught to be self-dependent. It’s good for the teacher of course, but in many ways that is very bad for her. I always like to think that if you are spending any kind of money to be educated or to be taught some kind of skill then the coach or teacher’s goal should be to try and make you better than them in many ways to the point where you don’t really need them anymore. I just find business wise and financially it’s usually a bad decision if the person is making you dependent on them.

There have been plenty of times even for myself where I notice people tend to want to teach you bits and pieces in hopes that you will keep coming back. Because generally speaking it’s in their best financial interest. In a case like this too where it is extremely effecting other aspects of your life it’s probably wiser to think of better ways to invest that money for a more self-dependent solution. Again, they often say a good teacher wants you to be better than them too.

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